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Yes, the title is witty, but it's improper to refer to this as the "Camel Sutra". This is making a joke about Islam, yet the Camel Sutra is a play on the "Karma Sutra", which is a Hindu text, not an Islam one. Reply
First, I rarely reply to idiots, but in your case I will make an exception. The "Karma Sutra", as you call it, is the KAMA SUTRA. Not "Karma"...It is a sex guide used by Millions of people...not just Hindu people. It is also used by millions of Atheists. And seeing as this is a funny parody website, the "Camel Sutra" is indeed a funny parody of "Kama Sutra". If you don't like funny parodies, go somewhere else. The joke is not about Islam. It is a joke about this case Osama Bin Laden...who expect to blow up innocent people and go to "Paradise" where 72 virgins await. Let me tell you something. Where Osama is right now, he WISHES he had a camel to hump. Because where he don't get to fuck camels. You GET fucked in the ASS BY THE DEVIL, WITH A RED HOT 9 FOOT DRAGON DICK SPEWING hellfire. NOW, buzz off and go find your own camel Reply