Suppertime…A Parody of Bob Segar’s “Night Moves”

She’s a little too fat
Coulda’ lost a few pounda
Big ole’ ass, saggin’ down
She’s a corn fed cajun with one glass eye
A Wart on her nose, and hairy thighs
Oh, those lumpy thighs

Put heavy-duty shocks on my sixty Chevy
It’s draggin’ the ground that bitch was so heavy
She can look straight down and not see her shoes
She’s eatin’ all of my food
Shes Fat, Ugly, and Rude
She’s eatin’ all of my food
It was suppertime
It was sweet suppertime

Took her to lunch, at the Pizza Buffet
She wanted a snack, we stayed two days
She ate and she ate, till I thought she would bust
Built a homeless shelter outta that crust
As we were leavin’ they were lockin’ the door
Said “don’t bring that pig back here no more”
An all-you-can-eat sign to her means heaven
Forced ten restaurants into chapter eleven
Ate up all of their food
Had to close the doors for good
Ate up all of their food
It was suppertime
Sweet sweet suppertime

She traveled the world tryin’ to get thin
Went to Ethiopia, look what happened to them
Tried to get in Jane Fonda’s aerobic class
Couldn’t find a tent to cover that ass
She got depressed, and bought a noose
Tried to hang herself, but the limb busted loose
She gobbled down that rope too
Don’t even think she bothered to chew
Just gobbled down that rope too
It was Suppertime
Sweet sweet Suppertime

Aaaahh,no wonder
Her belt is tightening
And the buffets ponder
How not to go underrr….

Thought I woke to the sound of thunder
She passed gas, from way down under
Blew the covers clear across the room
Ain’t it scary how the bed moves
When you hear that sonic boom
It’s scary how the bed moves
And the smell is closin’ in…….